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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Olallo Rubio on Netflix. The best rated item with Olallo Rubio on Netflix is "This Is Not a Movie" and appeared on screen in 2011.

About Olallo Rubio

Olallo Rubio Maauad is a Mexican filmmaker and broadcaster. He is known for his documentaries (So, What's Your Price?, Gimme the Power, and Ilusión Nacional) and the feature film This Is Not a Movie. Rubio's career began in radio at XHDL-FM. His first film, So, What's Your Price?, a documentary film critical of consumerism, premiered at the 2007 Guadalajara International Film Festival. His next film, This Is Not a Movie, stars Edward Furlong as a man who grapples with existential questions during the end of the world. It premiered at the Morelia International Film Festival in 2010 and had a budget of $3 million. Gimme the Power, released just before the 2012 Mexican general election, is a rockumentary about the Mexican band Molotov that is also critical of Mexican politics.[6] His latest film, released in 2014 just prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup,[5] is Ilusión Nacional, a documentary about football in Mexico.

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