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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Oskar Roehler on Netflix. The best rated item with Oskar Roehler on Netflix is "Agnes and His Brothers" and appeared on screen in 2004.

About Oskar Roehler

Oskar Roehler is a German film director, screenwriter and journalist. He grew up with his father in Berlin. From the beginning of the 1980s on, Roehler worked as a writer and published "Abschnappuniversum", a collection of stories, in 1984. He wrote screenplays for Christoph Schlingensief "Terror 2000" (1992) and for Niklaus Schilling "Deutschfieber" (1992). In 1995, Roehler made his debut as a director with the low budget production "Gentleman".

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