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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Park Hyung-jun on Netflix. The best rated item with Park Hyung-jun on Netflix is "Le Tour: My Last 49 Days" and appeared on screen in 2016.

About Park Hyung-jun

Park Joon-Hyung (aka Joon Park ) is a Korean-American singer, actor, and rapper in the Korean pop group G.O.D.. He was born on July 20 1969 and graduated from La Quinta High School in Westminster, California and attended California State University, Long Beach.  After attending college in the field of graphic design, he was discovered in Hollywood by a casting agent for a Janet Jackson video which would lead to his first television appearance.  After moving to Seoul, South Korea to pursue a career in pop music, Joon Park began recruiting friends and family to form his group, G.O.D.(Groove Over Dose) before breaking through into television success by way of commercial acting.   His first television role on the SBS sitcom “Soon Poon San Boo In Kua” as Song Hye Gyo’s boyfriend garnered him significant popularity with a Korean audience for his Eurasian appearance and mannerisms.   Joon continued to pursue music, despite his television success and finalized his band G.O.D. in 1998 with the release of their first album and second albums.  The success of these albums led to a Korean reality show based on the five band members and an infant, which quickly achieved great success on MBC.  With the success of G.O.D., Joon landed numerous endorsement deals before the band split apart to pursue solo careers and complete mandatory military service.   Joon Park returned to Los Angeles to pursue acting, leading to several noteable cameos and a television role in the planned Friday Night Light’s spin-off webseries that will feature cross overs with NBC’s Parenthood.

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