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About Petra Cernocka

Petra Černocká (* November 24, 1949 Prague) is a Czech singer and actress, sister of disc jockey Pavel Černocký and cousin of Vlastimil Brodský. She studied opera singing and piano at the conservatory, and after graduating from school she began singing with the group The Shepherds of Petr Hannig. In the Semafor Theater she played in the legendary Šimkov and Grossmann's play Besídka v rašeliništi, later in Suchý's plays Jonáš a dr. Mattresses and Witches. She played and sang the young witch Saxana, a flying girl on a broom, a little later in the film of the same name by screenwriter Miloš Macourek and director Václav Vorlíček. As an actress, she also appeared in several other Slovak television programs. In 2011, she returned to the screen in the film Saxan and the Lexicon of Magic by director Václav Vorlíček. As a singer, she performed for many years with the group Cardinals of Zdeněk Merta. She is currently performing with her husband Jiří Pracný. Since January 2014, she has been the presenter of the program Twelve in Twelve on Dvojka Czech Radio. Her daughter Barbora Vaculíková is also a singer in the Yellow Sisters. On March 25, 1999, she won a dispute with Czech Television because she was presented as a porn actress in the show Čtvrtníček, Šteindler and Vávra without their consent. Czech Television was forced to apologize to it and pay 50,000 crowns in damages and 11,875 crowns in court costs.

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