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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Petter Baiestorf on Netflix. The best rated item with Petter Baiestorf on Netflix is "The Night of the Chupacabras" and appeared on screen in 2011.

About Petter Baiestorf

Pioneer videomaker of independent Brazilian video productions. Exponent of the national gore with direct influence from directors such as John Waters, George Kuchar and José Mojica Marins. In the 90s of the last century, with the collaboration of Coffin Souza and Canibal Produções, he created the aesthetic of “Kanibaru Sinema” (films produced in any format with a zero budget). Born in 1974, Petter Baiestorf grew up in Vila Oldenburgo (Palmitos - SC), living with farmers and workers in the wood and ceramic industry. Self-taught, atheist, anarchist, free-thinker and owner of a difficult personality, he became a teenage poet in 1988, publishing his poems and anti-religious in fanzines such as "Arghhh" (1992), "Necrofilia" (1992), "Clássicos canibal" (1994), "Pus Diet" (1994), "Brazilian Trash Cinema" (2000), "O Viajante Cósmico" (2003) and "Bebuns Bêbados Que Escrevem" (2003). He founded Canibal Produções in 1991, with his friend E. B. Toniolli, who, in 1996, became Canibal-Mabuse Produções by associating with Cesar (Coffin) Souza and, in 2000, became the current Canibal Filmes. In 1997, with Carli Bortolanza, Caos Filmes made his most personal films and in 2001 he created N.A.V.E. (Associated Experimental Video Center) in Palmitos - together with Cesar Souza and Elio Copini.

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