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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Renée Soutendijk on Netflix. The best rated item with Renée Soutendijk on Netflix is "Secret Screams" and appeared on screen in 1989.

About Renée Soutendijk

. Renette Pauline Soutendijk, known as Renée Soutendijk, (born May 21, 1957 in The Hague) is a Dutch actress. She was a favorite star of director Paul Verhoeven's films and is perhaps best known for her work in his 1980 release, Spetters. Soutendijk is the mother of actress Caro Lenssen. A former Olympic athlete in gymnastics, Amsterdam-born Renee Soutendijk began her film career in Germany. The blonde, powerfully built young actress scored a hit playing loose-cannon "heroines" in a brace of Paul Verhoeven-directed cult films, Spetters (1980) and The Fourth Man (1983). Soutendijk's first English-language assignment was as Eva Braun in the made-for-TV Inside the Third Reich. Her subsequent TV movie roles included Anna Mons in Peter the Great (1986) and Mrs. Simon Weisenthal in Murderers Among Us (1987). Ever seeking out off-the-beam film roles, Renee Soutendijk has also played the title character in Eve of Destruction (1991), her first American film.

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