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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Simon Frederick on Netflix. The best rated item with Simon Frederick on Netflix is "They've Gotta Have Us" and appeared on screen in 2018.

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Simon Frederick was born in London to parents originating from the Caribbean island of Grenada. Being self-taught, he isn’t conditioned by any of the conventions that academic studies, tradition and technical education at times impose. His work is centered on his passion for people and cultures, which lead him to visually explore all the nuances inherent in human nature. As a renowned photographer, he works in many fields, from portraits of celebrities to art shows, to worldwide publicity campaigns.  Moving into direction was a natural step, where he made his name with short publicity films and documentaries. As a director, he’s been praised for his ability in creating emotionally charged works with a unique visual style. 2016 sees Simon take on new challenges, like his first movie and his most ambitious project to date, a large exhibition of portraits with a cultural theme, accompanied by a documentary and a must-have book, which launches in 2016.

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