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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Stephen Milburn Anderson on Netflix. The best rated item with Stephen Milburn Anderson on Netflix is "Ca$h" and appeared on screen in 2010.

About Stephen Milburn Anderson

. Stephen Milburn Anderson's latest endeavor is the film CASH (CA$H), starring Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Black Death, Percy Jackson) and Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, Thor, Red Dawn, The Cabin in the Woods). CASH is slated for release in Spring 2010. Anderson has written and directed eight movies. He is best known for South Central, which was produced by Oliver Stone and released by Warner Bros. in 1992. Anderson's short film, Hearts of Stone, was the 1987 runner-up for Academy Award and played at Sundance, where it came to the attention of Oliver Stone. They subsequently collaborated on South Central, which received wide critical acclaim. New York Times film critic Janet Maslin named Anderson in the "Who's Who Among Hot New Filmmakers," along with Quentin Tarantino and Tim Robbins. Additionally, New Yorker Magazine praised South Central as one of the year's best Independent films. Anderson's complete biography can be found on According to his biography, Anderson has also produced The Discovery Program, a series of sixteen professional short films for Columbia Pictures and David Puttnam. The first, Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall, won the Academy Award for Best Short. The Discovery Program has produced over 60 films in all, garnered 14 Academy Award nominations and won 3 Oscars. The program is on-going.

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