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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Susan Glover on Netflix. The best rated item with Susan Glover on Netflix is "WarGames: The Dead Code" and appeared on screen in 2008.

About Susan Glover

Susan Glover is a Canadian actress, best known for playing Sarah in Naked Josh. She is also known for voicing Miss Woods in Arthur, Izabella Dehavalot in Amazon Jack, Mrs. Larkin in What's With Andy?, Tubby's mom in The Little Lulu Show, Lucille and Princess Vi in Samurai Pizza Cats, General Jinjur in the 1986 anime The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Miss Dalee in My Goldfish is Evil. She also played Ms. Noelle Atoll on the television series Radio Active and has made appearances in several films, specials and television programmes. Prior to film acting, Glover began her career doing improvisational theatre with companies such as Albert Nuremberg's Theatre Shmeatre, Acme Harpoon Co. and La Ligue National d'Improvisation. She has since appeared in theatres across Canada including, Montreal's Centaur Theatre, Ottawa's Great Canadian Theatre Company and the National Arts Center, and Calgary's Alberta Theatre Projects. She is sometimes credited as Suzanne Glover. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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