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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Suthep Po-ngam on Netflix. The best rated item with Suthep Po-ngam on Netflix is "Holy Man 2" and appeared on screen in 2008.

About Suthep Po-ngam

Suthep Pongam, also known by his stage name Thep Pongam, is a Thai comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter. He played the leader of a gang of inept hitmen in "Killer Tattoo". A popular comedian in Thailand, Thep at one time led a comedy troupe that included Petchtai Wongkamlao, whom he co-starred with in Killer Tattoo. Other roles have included the slayer of zombies in SARS Wars, an aged heavy metal rock star in Rock Not Die and an imposter doctor in Dumber Heroes. He performed the voice for the elderly mahout in the 2006 Thai animated feature, Khan Kluay. On 3 November 2009, the Supreme Court of Justice of Thailand affirmed the judgments of the lower courts—the Central Bankruptcy Court and the Central Appeal Court—adjudging Suthep bankrupt and ordered his property to be under an absolute receivership. The judgment came after Suthep failed, for years, to pay in instalment for the 3,000,000-baht costs of five townhouses he purchased in Phatthaya. In its judgment, the Supreme Court remarked: "The property being owned by the defendant (Suthep) costs only 800,00 baht and, hence, cannot cover the debts claimed by the plaintiff (KT Bank). Citing to have 300,000-baht monthly income, the defendant refused to prove how much his monthly expenses are. Deeming the allegation of the defendant is indistinct, the Supreme Court of Justice, hereby, adjudges the defendant bankrupt and orders an absolute receivership as requested by the plaintiff."

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