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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Wladyslaw Pasikowski on Netflix. The best rated item with Wladyslaw Pasikowski on Netflix is "Poklosie" and appeared on screen in 2012.

About Wladyslaw Pasikowski

​. Władysław Pasikowski (born June 14, 1959 in Łódź, Poland) is a Polish film director and screenwriter. He made his debut film, Kroll in 1991, who was honored at the Polish Film Festival prize for his debut and the Special Jury Prize. The biggest commercial success, popularity and earned him two Dogs. Revolves mainly action films. Pasikowski is also the author of novels of science fiction I, Gelerth, which in 1993 was nominated for the Prize. Janusz A. Zajdel.

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