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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Yuka Saito on Netflix. The best rated item with Yuka Saito on Netflix is "Campione!" and appeared on screen in 2012.

About Yuka Saito

is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with Aoni Production. In May 2015, she married fellow voice-actor, Takeshi Kusao. Debuted in 2008 as a part of " Western Antique Pastry Shop-Antique ". In 2009 “ Student Council ”, he played the heroine's autumn leaves Chigen and formed the voice actor unit “ Shenyang Gakuen Student Council ”. However, because the office was different from other members of the Shenyang Gakuen Student Council, she did not appear in “ Shenyang Gakuen ☆ Campus Broadcasting ” or “ Shenyang Gakuen ☆ Campus Broadcasting After School ”. May 20, 2015, belonging to the same office Takeshi Kusao announced that it had married and in his blog . On September 2, 2018, announced the birth of the first child in the summer

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