The Beyond (2018)


Is The Beyond on Netflix United States?

Sorry, The Beyond is not yet available on Netflix.

Space Agency Inc. observes an anomaly in space, they name The Void. Wormhole? To withstand travel thru it, human brains are transferred to tough, synthetic bodies. A mysterious wormhole appears above our planet before strange objects are emitted out of it and hover above each city across the world. This global event soon prompts a one of a kind mission in space exploration history - to send the next generation of astronauts, known as Human 2. 0's into the wormhole with the hope of finding out why those objects are here. When the astronauts return sooner than expected, their memories contain experiences on the other side of the wormhole which will change the future of humanity as we know it.

The Beyond
IDMB rating
4.8 (4971 votes)
Hasraf Dulull
Ezra Faroque Khan, Courtney Barber, Noeleen Comiskey, Ezra Khan, Amy Argyle, Brian Deacon, David Bailie, Kosha Engler, Nigel Barber, Jane Perry

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