The Family Man (2000)

The Family Man
Drama Comedy Fantasy
IDMB rating
6.7 (92043 votes)
Netflix rating
Metacritics rating
Rotten Tomatoes rating
Brett Ratner
Téa Leoni, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Piven, Nicolas Cage

High-powered Wall Street bachelor Jack Campbell (Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage) is living life in the fast lane until he gets the shock of a lifetime when he wakes up one morning in suburban New Jersey next to Kate (Tea Leoni), the girlfriend he left 13 years ago. Now, Jack's entire world is turned upside down. He's got two kids, he's traded in his Ferrari for a minivan while trying not to lose his mind. Can an upscale, downtown player survive in middle-of-the-road suburbia? And what does it take for a once single-minded exec to really become The Family Man in this hilarious comedy about second thoughts and second chances. A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have become a mini-van and wife. A cutthroat investment banker who eschews emotional ties is transported into the life he might have had if he wed his college sweetheart.

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