The Promised Land (2017)

Is The Promised Land on Netflix United States?

Sorry, The Promised Land (2017) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country.

A musician struggling with dementia loses his ability to play music and must somehow find his song again. This sweeping biblical epic based on the Book of Joshua follows the passions and struggles of a rising nation in the years after the death of Moses.

The Promised Land
Short Drama
TV Shows
Alexandre Avancini
Raphael Viana, Gabriel Gracindo, Raymundo de Souza, Rafael Sardao, Igor Rickli, Miriam Freeland, Thais Melchior, Leonardo Branco, Kadu Moliterno, Brendha Haddad, Marisol Ribeiro, Paulo Cesar Grande, Iran Malfitano, Nivea Stelmann, Paloma Bernardi, Claudio Gabriel, Mayte Piragibe, Sidney Sampaio, Roberto Bomtempo, Stefanie Butler, Milhem Cortaz

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