There's Something About Mary (1998)


Netflix rating: 7.1
Metacritics rating: 69.0
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 83.0%

Is There's Something About Mary on Netflix United States?

Sorry, There's Something About Mary (1998) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country.

The Farrellys nail the laughs in this comedy about Mary, the ideal girlfriend of every guy she meets, especially frustrated high school suitor Ted. A man gets a chance to meet up with his dream girl from high school, even though his date with her back then was a complete disaster. Ted (Ben Stiller) is still in love with his high school prom date, Mary (Cameron Diaz), even though it's been years after the humiliating incident that cut their date short. Ted hires Pat, a private detective (Matt Dillon) to track her down, but Pat ends up falling in love with her too! And so begins the hilarious battle for Mary's heart!

There's Something About Mary
Comedy Romance
IDMB rating
7.1 (288356 votes)
Netflix rating
Metacritics rating
Rotten Tomatoes rating
Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Markie Post, Lee Evans, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Chris Elliott, W. Earl Brown, Lin Shaye, Jeffrey Tambor, Cameron Diaz

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