They Came Together (2014)

They Came Together
Comedies Comedy
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5.5 (17365 votes)
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{u'label': u"This hilarious sendup of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure - the romantic-comedy - stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler as the most unlikely couple you'll meet outside a Nora Ephron film. Joel (Rudd) is a big-time corporate suit vying to shut down Molly's (Poehler) quirky indie candy shop around the corner \u2026 and to steal her heart. They live happily ever after\u2026until they don't. But maybe they do? (Hint: Joel bares his heart in a big speech at the end.) From the director of Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models comes this fresh, irreverent comedy with heart."} A small business owner is about to lose her shop to a major corporate development.

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