new movies to watch on Netflix in September

Six good movies to watch on Netflix in September

For the month of September Netflix is bringing some old favourites back so that you can watch them and enjoy. Below is a list of six movies that you should catch during the month of September on Netflix!

  1. If you are a fan of Shakespearean tragedies, watch: Hamlet (1990)

A Shakespearean classic, Hamlet came to the big screen in the nineties. Mel Gibson plays the role of the anguished Prince Hamlet of Denmark while Glenn Close is the sensual Queen Gertrude who caused quite a stir in the lives of three men, her son Hamlet, Claudius and her late husband. Directed by the French maestro, Franco Zeffirelli, Hamlet is kept true to the original text as the audience sees Shakespeare’s best come to life.

  1. If you enjoy romantic comedies, watch: Up in the Air (2009)

While the Twilight Saga may have made indie stars Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson an instant hit all over the world but it was this laid back romantic comedy that brought Anna Kendrick out of the Twilight shadow and let her truly shine. Starring along Kendrick is the dashing George Clooney and together this good looking duo presents a series of self-evaluating questions that each one of us need to ask ourselves every once in a while. Up in the Air has the right balance between humour and emotions.

  1. If  you like action, watch: The Bank Job (2008)

Jason Statham returns in the Bank Job as Terry Leather and this time he’s dealing with MI5. A typical Jason Statham flick, this one has action, dry humour, awesome cars, beautiful scenery and (rolling eyes) beautiful models. It mixes fiction with history and the result is a movie that gives you an instant adrenaline rush! The boys can watch this one for the action or the models while the girls can watch it for Statham as he makes catching the bad guys look like a piece of cake.

  1. If you enjoy cultures, watch: About Elly (2009)

About Elly gives a glimpse inside the Iranian middle class and the emotional struggles that they have to face. Three couples decide to travel to the shoreline of the Caspian Sea for a three day vacation. Elly is a kindergarten teacher invited by one of the wives so that she can meet a divorced friend of theirs, Ahmed. The film is directed by Asghar Farhadi who explores different tangents in the relationships between the three Iranian families.

  1. If you enjoy The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

Before Taylor Lautner was the irresistible Jacob the Werewolf in the Twilight Saga, he was a kid’s favourite as the Sharkboy. Along with his partner, the Lavagirl, both the superheroes are the creation of a lonely boy whose parents’ marriage is on the rocks. But when adventure comes to the suburbs of Austin, Max is called by Sharkboy and Lavagirl to come to Planet Drool and then it’s a long ride for him! You can watch this movie if you are a kid or watch it for Lautner and Pieterse before she became a pretty little liar.

6 If you have a fashion streak, watch: Iris (2014)

Iris Apfel knows how to stun people at the ripe age of 93-year-old and paired with the 87-year-old Maysles, this is one documentary that won’t bore you! Whether you are into fashion or not, Iris knows how to catch your attention and keep it! Apfel has a strong presence on the fashion scene in New York and her enthusiasm for all things art, fashion and most importantly people, is truly infectious! This documentary portrays the life of a woman who doesn’t let life bow her and deals with it in her own eclectic way every single day! Apfel’s modest origins and her youth during the Great Depression during the thirties fuel her drive to live and enjoy life at its fullest!