Now you can book your dedicated 'Netflix And Chill' Suite On Airbnb New York!

If you or a loved one is partial to a cozy evening of “Netflix and chill” then the hosts of one carefully tailored Airbnb property might have just the rental for your next night in.

Dreamed up by Tom Galle and his crew at internet-art company ART404, the “Netflix & Chill Room” in New York City combines a digital projector, a well-stocked minibar, and a heavily Netflix-themed bed for an immersive (and chill) evening for two. As NME reports, Galle has said that the rental offers “something different than just going to a hotel,” and wasn’t designed simply to be a hook-up zone. He explained. 

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According to the group’s Airbnb posting, the approximately $400/night rental includes wireless internet, shampoo, and other key amenities, and can now be booked for upcoming Saturday nights only. However, the ad’s house rules stipulate that having a three-person crowd in the space is strictly prohibited; as NME points out, guests must bring any prophylactics or other safe sex supplies they might require during their stay, too. And don't forget to bring your Netflix Socks off course!