Cast Away (2002)


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Sorry, Cast Away is not yet available on Netflix.

The actors and filmmakers of Cast Away (2000) reflect on the many aspects of filmmaking in order to bring this original story to the screen. Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis and two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks reunite to explore the blessings and heartache of fate and the survival of the human spirit. Tom Hanks gives one of the towering screen performances of all time as Chuck Noland, a FedEx systems engineer whose ruled-by-the-clock existence abruptly ends when a harrowing plane crash leaves him isolated on a remote island. As Chuck struggles to survive, he finds that his own personal journey has only just begun...

Cast Away
Short Documentary
IDMB rating
6.5 (53 votes)
Thomas C. Grane
William Broyles Jr., David Holladay, Joan Bradshaw, Tom Hanks

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